SmartCuffs® PRO Pump



User Manual

1 year warranty. 30 day return policy ($25 restocking fee). 


Both are electronic, computerized, and will automatically calculate, set, and inflate to a personalized pressure (LOP%)

Both have the option to disconnect the hose from the cuffs for untethered exercise


With the SmartCuffs PRO you can either disconnect the pump and the cuff will remain inflated (like our previous model) OR you can keep connected and do AutoRegulation (meaning the pump will adjust pressure in the cuff during the exercise to your specific LOP).

The PRO pump also allows custom LOP selection whereas the regular model ($299-$399) will offer preset LOP %'s according to an intensity level (Low, Medium, and High):

For the Arm, Low = 30% LOP, Medium = 40% LOP, and High = 50% LOP

For the Leg, Low = 50% LOP, Medium = 65% LOP, and High = 80% LOP

SmartCuffs PRO has IPC (Ischemic Preconditioning) modes built into it. The regular model does not. Ischemic preconditioning mode is repeated bouts of full occlusion and full repercussion (total release of pressure).

If using for single person use, the SmartCuffs (non-PRO/black) is recommended since it saves the LOP for each limb which makes for better time efficiency. If using it on multiple people (client or patient setting), then the SmartCuffs PRO (silver) is recommended since it offers greater flexibility for multiple users.

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