SmartCuffs® 4.0

SmartCuffs® 4.0 - one pair



This set includes:

  • (2) SmartCuffs®
  • Carrying Case
  • USB-C charging block and cable
  • Free Shipping

SmartCuffs® 4.0 - two pair



This set includes:

  • (4) SmartCuffs®
  • Carrying Case
  • USB-C charging block and cable
  • Free Shipping

SmartCuffs® 4.0 Clinical Set



This set includes:

  • (8) SmartCuffs® (pair of each size)
  • (1) Clinical Carrying Case
  • (2) USB-C charging blocks and cables
  • Free Shipping

*Each cuff has its own pump permanently affixed to it.
*Smartphone not included

How To Size Your Cuffs

  • Small = 8" - 13"
  • Medium = 13" - 18"
  • Large = 18" - 24"
  • XL = 24" - 29"

*If on the border, choose the larger size

Measuring of Arm cuff:
Measure the circumference of the space between your shoulder and bicep.

Measuring of Leg cuff:
Measure the circumference of your thigh closest to your hip.


After making the SmartCuffs® 3.0 the most popular BFR product in the world, we are upping the ante. This 4.0 model, with its AI-powered processor and proprietary LOP algorithms, makes it the most intelligent BFR cuff on the market today.


SmartCuffs® 4.0 Features:


Patent-pending iBFR™ LOP Calibration - Our clinically validated LOP calibration is back and better than ever. Finding LOP in as little as 10 seconds by utilizing our groundbreaking proprietary algorithms, it is the fastest and most comfortable LOP calibration process available. By taking a percentage of LOP, the user can objectively know how much they are restricting blood flow for their given body structure. This is critical since LOP’s vary wildly from person to person. This takes out all the guessing for a truly easy and quick experience.


Exclusive Tri-Pressure™ Technology - As BFR research has evolved, so has the way clinicians and patients optimally use and program blood flow restriction training. Three distinct BFR modes that have shown to be highly effective are now at your fingertips.


Continuous BFR

  • The cuffs are inflated during the exercise set and rest sessions.
  • This will fatigue your muscles at a higher rate.
  • Ideal for advanced rehab or de-loading joints.


Intermittent BFR

  • The cuffs are only inflated only during the exercise session. Deflate during rest session.
  • Ideal for beginner rehab or de-loading joints.


Resting BFR

  • The cuffs are not inflated during the exercise session. Cuffs are only to be inflated during the rest session.
  • Ideal for beginner rehab to ease into BFR training (using very light weight) or advanced rehab (using heavier weight).


Safety - Paramount to everything we do, safety is at the forefront. The SmartCuffs® 4.0 was designed to not allow the user to inflate to a percentage greater than 80% LOP for any limb. Making the 4.0 ideal for at-home patient use.


Cuff design and material - After years of customer feedback, we wanted to design the most comfortable and evidenced-based cuffs for users of all types. With proprietary air bladder materials that allow for uniform inflation and fit, pinching of the skin is no longer a problem. In addition, the contoured design of the Large and XL cuffs allow for superior fit, comfort, and lower limb occlusion pressures. As a cherry on top, we pre-curled the internal stiffener on the cuffs to further prevent cuff slippage.


Bluetooth® Connectivity - Connect to any smartphone or tablet via the SmartCuffs® app. Available on Apple App Store and Google Play.


Li-Ion battery: 5x the battery life of the nearest wireless BFR competitor with a charge time of 30 mins or less. This makes it the logical choice for clinical and high use environments.

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