SmartCuffs® 3.0 PRO

Standard Set Includes:
  • 3rd Generation SmartCuffs pump
  • 6 SmartCuffs (Pair of Each Size)
  • Case
  • Mesh bag
  • Free consultation via the SmartCuffs® Academy app
Elite Set Includes:
  • Two 3rd Generation SmartCuffs pumps
  • 6 SmartCuffs (Pair of Each Size)
  • Case
  • Mesh bag
  • Free consultation via the SmartCuffs® Academy app
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User Manual
Firmware Update Guide

The SmartCuffs® PRO model was designed with one person in mind: the healthcare professional. Whether you are a personal trainer, strength coach, or medical provider, this model was built with your needs in mind. 

Personalized Pressure feature: The same mode found in the standard model allows for fast, hassle free personalized pressure calculation. With the built-in pressure sensor and on-board computer, it will calculate and set the optimal pressure for your body. There is no need for an external doppler probe or hand pump. The unit will do everything for you. 
IPC modes: Built into the software, these modes can be easily performed pre & post activity by the user.
Li-Ion battery: Gone are the days of using NiCad batteries that self-discharge and burnout after a year. Both SmartCuffs® and SmartCuffs® Pro models feature the latest Li-Ion batteries to withstand rigorous use and provide fast recharging capabilities. 
Compatibility: The SmartCuffs® and SmartCuffs® PRO pumps will work with our previous SmartCuffs® models from 2018- 2020. 

1 year warranty. 14 day return policy.




Both are electronic, computerized, and will automatically calculate, set, and inflate to a personalized pressure.

Both have the option to disconnect the hose from the cuffs for untethered exercise.


The PRO pump also allows custom personal pressure selection whereas the regular model ($299-$399) will offer preset personal pressures according to an intensity level (Low, Medium, and High):

SmartCuffs PRO has IPC (Ischemic Preconditioning) modes built into it. The regular model does not.

If used for single person use, the SmartCuffs (non-PRO/black) is recommended since it saves the personalized pressure for each limb which makes for better time efficiency. If using it on multiple people (client or patient setting), then the SmartCuffs PRO (silver) is recommended since it offers greater flexibility for multiple users.

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